Best Quality Images Websites

If you planning to a new website you may need the best quality images. For that, you must know what’s good. A preferably you should hire a good photography from a company like ClickDo Media Photography.

Those are some great images taken for ITCC Locksmiths in London website

Next let’s have a look at what Kasun Sameera at ClickDo Media took for Vonvil Junk Ltd. newly designed website by him.



So you see how quality images can bring the beauty for any website. So that’s why it’s important you hire a top photographer when you have plans to get a nicely done website for your business.

Also if you are looking for web design services for your local business in UK, do get in touch with Kasun Smeera as he is the best web designer in UK. See his work on ClickDo portfolio.

Make website under 10 minutes!

Building a website

When thinking of building a website most people get put off for one reason or another. Their main concern relies upon the fact that it’s time consuming, however vast majoirty of people are not aware it’ll take matter of minutes to build a website

It’s fairly simple process:

  1. You need a domain name. You can purchase one through godaddy or namecheap
  2. You need hosting for domain name to go live, therefore you need to find an hosting company. They’re free hosting out there; but i would recommend you using paid hosting services due to the fact they’re more reliable, such as 1and1.
  3. Install WordPress onto your website. WordPress is CMS or better known as Content Management System, which allows user to easily nagivate and produce content without needing or requiring to know coding language, such as HTML, CSS and PHP

As you could see in video above it’s an easy process. After you’ve installed WordPress you install PlugIns and these PlugIns are very powerful and useful, as they allow users to change their website in a manner of seconds, such as their themes, appearance, include social widgets etc however in the past it would of taken you much longer due to the fact it’ll take hours to locate the code you require in internet; if not you had to produce one yourself and not to mention if PHP or HTML is not incompatible with your current design of your website.

Creating a website

Creating a website

Before Creating a website ensure you surf the web, start by looking at web sites that are similar, or selling the same product as you, these are your online competitors, and may or may not be the standard to be shooting towards.  The web is still a rather new thing for many fields, so people still may not take their online presence seriously enough to hire a real webmaster to build their site.  This in no way may reflect the actual demographic, but in this field, it may be the standard at present thinking to take/not take their web site and web presence seriously, then again, you should set your own standard of expertise to display, if anything to show a positive example of your company.

After reviewing enough web sites, even ones outside of your field, relay them over to us, this gives us a good idea as to your tastes.  It’s best to detail what you like about the sites or features that you want incorporated with yours, it’s simply to give us a starting point, nothing more, we do NOT duplicate other web sites, it’s just a good starting point to work within. 

After reviewing the example sites, we can negotiate a price for the project.  Since each web site is unique, layouts, features, etc. all require separate time frames and levels of expertise to assemble, we at least have a starting point.

In addition to this, these are some common questions asked: 

1. How many pages? This is the number of web pages the web site will require, keeping in mind, there are limits to the length each page can be unless it’s a very simply formatted section of text, supplied in digital format by the client. 

2. Exactly which features are going to be necessary to install and configure using back end scripting? This can vary depending upon the application, small programs, such as a contact form, or a hit counter are easy enough and require very little time for us to configure into the site and normally don’t charge extra for these, yet other more extensive programs, such as a shopping cart, chat room, auction etc. would require more time to configure and install in order to get it to display the layout and content relevant to the web site correctly. 

3. How extensive, graphically as well as interactively the web site is going to be, paying particular note to what is displayed at the home page?  We can build an extensive, high tech flash intro, layouts, and promotional materials, yet, not all web sites require them.  The difference could extend from a simple $20.00 per page web site to several $ just to assemble the intro.  With flash, we do not display set prices on these since it’s such a broad, versatile program that allows for almost unlimited options, yet, can set a beginning rate to incorporate some time into adding just the right visual appearance you are looking for. 

4. Is content ready for the web site?  We prefer to have all text content in digital format, i.e. something that can be send and edited from one computer to another or posted to a web page, this saves time having to manually type it from regular print.  We can help with the content area’s as well by researching the subject, and assembling something intelligent as well as relevant to the web site at $70.00 per page, font size 10, printed page 8″ by 10″, or the equivalent. 

5. Are all graphics, pictures, etc. that the client requires in the site edited, scaled to the proper size, and ready to be incorporated within the site?  We can take your raw digital photo and/or printed media and adjust it to be used within the site. We have scanning services available as well.

These issues addressed, will pretty much determine the exact cost for the project.


Creating a website